The Magic 800 is the flagship of the range of equipment for material separation under concentrated energy from the manufacturer BeAM, now part of the French company AddUp. It offers the largest production volume of the product line, which includes the Modulo 250 and Modulo 400.

The features of the Magic 800

The Magic 800 printer is an industrial solution with a 2 kW laser and two heads that enables very demanding applications such as those in the aerospace industry. Its process allows both the printing of complex parts and the repairation of existing components.

As with the Modulo 400, the operator can change the nozzle in seconds during the manufacturing process, which provides more precision when needed. Depending on the machine’s configuration, it weighs between 12 and 16 tons. Its dispensers have a powder capacity of 2.5 liters each, which corresponds to about 13 kilograms of standard steel. The total volume can be added up to 5 liters more.