UnionTech is an Asian company specializing in the development of resin 3D printing solutions for industrial and office applications. Since 2000, this manufacturer has offered a varied range of machines exploiting different technologies, including SLA, DLP and LCD. Among the various machine series available is the Lite series, featuring solutions that are compatible with SLA 3D printing. This series includes the Lite380, Lite450, Lite600, Lite600 2.0 and Lite800 models.

Features of the Lite380 3D Printer

The Lite380 is the smallest SLA 3D printer in the Lite series. Measuring 968 x 762 x 1722 mm and weighing 597 kg, this machine incorporates automatic laser scanning calibration technology developed by UnionTech. Its defective part monitoring function and intelligent visual detection algorithm optimize the printing process.

The machine features a maximum print volume of 380 x 380 x 250, an enclosed enclosure and a touch-screen control panel for production preparation. It also features a galvanometer scan path planning algorithm and exposure strategy, making this printer a “smart” solution, according to the company. Finally, the machine is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system and the patented UnionTech™ RSCON data preparation and control software.