The Lisa SLS 3D printer comes from Polish 3D printer manufacturer Sinterit. The company is known for its line of Lisa 3D printers, which additionally includes the Lisa X and Lisa Pro models like the NILS 480 industrial 3D printer. Sinterit claims that this model is probably the most compact SLS 3D printer available for professional print quality. Furthermore, this technology is said to combine the two worlds of cost effectiveness and accessibility, thus offering users increased ease of use. The device’s office-ready size in particular makes it a desirable entry-level device. Users of the SLS 3D printer include well-known companies such as BMW, Toyota and Bosch. They use Lisa primarily for the production of prototypes, for which this printer is very well suited. In this way, high-quality prototypes can be produced before the introduction of large production series.

Features of the Lisa 3D Printer

The Lisa 3D printer uses SLS technology and has a print bed with a total size of 150 x 200 x 150 mm. In addition, it is capable of producing a layer height of at least 0.075 to a maximum of 0.175 mm. Compatible with PA12 Smooth and Flexa Grey materials, among others, the Lisa 3D printer has an overall size of 620 x 400 x 660 mm and a total weight of 44.0 kg. Lisa can be put into operation directly, making it a true plug&play printer for better ease of use.

Moreover, users can benefit for a number of exciting features that are connected to the more compact size of the printer. For example, its smaller size not only shortens the cooling time after the printing process, but also impresses with the low costs incurred when refilling the print bed thanks to the fact that the printer only require small amounts of powder. Sinterit’s SLS 3D printer also impresses with its enormous precision and incredible fineness for 3D-printed details. This allows users to create incredibly detailed, complex geometries. The printer is compatible with a number of different powders including standard prototyping like PA12 but also flexible, allowing for even more applications.