The Lisa 3D printer Series consists of compact SLS 3D printers developed by the Polish 3D printing manufacturer Sinterit. In, addition to the Lisa, Lisa X and NILS 480, the range also includes the Lisa PRO 3D printer. With this model, the company has launched a professional SLS 3D printer with an open environment and a high number of compatible materials that can be used. Moreover, Lisa PRO was developed by engineers, thus helping users to achieve true innovation. And this is definitely reflected in the features of the 3D printer: the high level of material compatibility is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that not only nine materials from Sinterit can be used, but access to materials from third parties is also permitted. The compact Lisa PRO also impresses with the quality of the 3D-printed parts, which are comparable to additively produced parts from industrial-sized machines. This can also be done with easy thanks to 32 open printing parameters which can be changed and fine-tuned to the users’s needs for personalized shapes and unique properties.

What Features Can You Expect with the Lisa PRO 3D Printer?

With a print bed of 150 x 200 x 260 mm, the Lisa PRO with its open software also offers you a total width of 32 print parameters that you can change and tune. This allows you to achieve personalized shapes and discover unique features for your 3D printers. With Lisa PRO, developed by Sinterit, it is also possible to print larger parts. The maximum diagonal print volume for this printer is 301 mm / 11.8 inches for PA materials and for TPU / TPE this value is 313 mm / 12.3 inches.  As for the software in detail, Sinterit’s offer differs between Sinterit Studio software and Sinterit Studio ADVANCED software, whose differences are the use of third-party materials and open printing parameters. Additionally, Sinterit claims that the quality of the parts are comparable to those of industrial size machines, despite its more compact size. The printer is idea for applications in education, product design and of course industry.