The manufacturer Photocentric is specialized in the development of 3D resin printers. Founded in 2002, the company is first and foremost an expert in resin design. It quickly turned to additive manufacturing, convinced of its potential. Today, it has several solutions to its range, professional compact machines that allow to create all kinds of parts for different industries. Liquid Crystal Pro, also known as Photocentric LC Pro, is renowned for its generous printing volume and precision.

The Liquid Crystal Pro

The Liquid Crystal Pro is a 3D printer based on the patented Daylight Polymer Printing technology that is similar to the Digital Light Processing (DLP) process, a photopolymerization technique. It is not a laser that hardens the successive layers of material but an LCD screen. Generally, 3D resin printers are quite limited by the printing size, most often having a small tray. However, the Liquid Crystal Pro offers a generous volume of 470 x 240 x 340 mm, which opens up the field of possibilities. In addition to this volume, the printer can create parts with a precision of up to 137 microns and therefore offer very fine details.

Liquid Crystal Pro offers a layer thickness between 50 and 100 microns and integrates perfectly into any working environment thanks to its compact size. The Photocentric Studio software is provided with the printer, with a lifetime license. Finally, it is equipped with two guide rails that allow precise positioning, reducing possible printing errors.

Liquid Crystal Pro Applications

As the 3D printer can create quite important details, it will be ideal for designers, architects, engineers looking for precision, very visual elements. For example, it can create industrial prototypes to validate a concept or design medical devices where the level of detail is crucial. The production of models is particularly interesting with this machine.