Photocentric is a manufacturer based in the United States and England that has developed a range of 3D resin printers, using a larger or smaller LCD screen to harden the liquid material layer by layer. Below we come back to the features of the Liquid Crystal Precision 1.5, an improved version of the LC Precision, a small machine that is the most accessible in the range. In particular, it offers a touch screen and a more reliable printing platform.

The technical characteristics of Liquid Crystal Precision 1.5

With its small size of 380 x 350 x 580 mm, the 3D printer fits perfectly into an office environment. It offers a relatively small printing volume of 121 x 68 x 160 mm, compared to that of the Liquid Crystal Magna, for example. Its 47 micron accuracy and 25 micron layer thickness will allow you to create parts with high and increasingly realistic details. It is provided with the Photocentric Studio software, which takes care of the entire upstream part of the printing process, from the preparation of the file to its slicing into different layers.

The LC Precision 1.5 features a 7-inch full-color touch screen that makes it easier to manage your printing process. On the materials side, it is compatible with a wide range of resins developed by Photocentric that allow to obtain all kinds of renderings, whether in terms of color, flexibility or resistance.

Applications of LC Precision 1.5

The machine has been designed for applications in the dental sector but also for jewellery work. It is ideal for printing small figurines in 3D, which are often full of important details.