The Liquid Crystal HR2 resin 3D printer is the little sister of the Liquid Crystal HR, an improved version of this small desktop machine based on Digital Light Processing technology. Designed by the manufacturer Photocentric, it is an accessible solution that includes a better engine, a disposable tray and a more flexible 3D printing mode.

The technical characteristics of the Liquid Crystal HR2

The small Liquid Crystal HR2 machine uses a 9.7-inch LCD screen and 2K resolution to harden the liquid resin. It can create parts with a maximum size of 196 x 147 x 250 mm with an accuracy of 97 microns on the X/Y axis. This makes it possible to obtain very detailed and precise structures. It now integrates Photocentric Studio software with a lifetime license that allows you to prepare, modify and license your 3D file.

Photocentric has also improved the user experience on its new machine by integrating a large 7-inch full-color touch screen, Wi-Fi or USB connection, making it easy to send files ready for printing. The Liquid Crystal HR2 is supplied with two disposable resin trays, making it easier to change them for higher productivity.

Applications of the Liquid Crystal HR2

Photocentric’s resin 3D printer will be particularly suitable for applications in the dental sector, in search of very precise and detailed models. The manufacturer also states that it is possible to create up to 22 models of gutters on a single tray. The LC HR2 will also be appreciated for designing fast prototypes, small models or jewelry models. It is now compatible with a wide range of resins developed by Photocentric that allow to diversify the colors and to have more or less high resistances