The Liquid Crystal 10″ is no longer developed by the manufacturer Photocentric. However, the company has developed other resin 3D printer models that offer similar 3D printing capabilities. The range includes the Liquid Crystal HR2, the Liquid Crystal Precision 1.5 and two more professional machines, the Liquid Crystal Pro and the Liquid Crystal Magna. We invite you to discover their specifications and benefits!

For your information, we have included a brief description of the Liquid Crystal 10” below.

The Liquid Crystal 10” 3D printer developed by Photocentric is based on a patented process called Daylight Polymer Printing (DPP), similar to stereolithography (SLA) technology.

It allows the production of resin parts of maximum volume 200 x 100 x 200 mm and a minimum layer thickness of 25 micron. In terms of performance, it will allow printing with an XY resolution of 220 microns for a printing speed of 1.8 cm per hour.