The LiQ 320 3D printer is offered by the German 3D printing manufacturer innovatiQ, based in Feldkirchen. This thus joins an existing portfolio alongside the TiQ 5, x500eco, x1000, x400 and MiQ 5 printers. This 3D printer, which has been introduced to the market in 2020, can be used for printing liquid silicones and relies on Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) technology. As for the printing speed, it ranges from 10 to 150 mm/s. Overall, the 3D printer has a build volume of 250 x 320 x 150 mm, with hardware dimensions of 800 x 960 x 1957 mm and a weight of around 390 kg.

It can be emphasized that the material can be controlled extremely precisely during application thanks to volumetric extrusion, which means that the structural design of the respective part can be defined precisely. In addition, the LiQ 320 has an integrated material crosslinking system that accelerates the crosslinking of individual materials at a molecular level. Another thing you should know about the LiQ 320 is that it can be used intuitively. Specifically, this means that there is a user-friendly human-machine interaction (HMI), giving the user a direct overview of all the machine’s important functions.

More details about the LiQ 320 3D printer

With the LiQ 320, you also get intelligent SmartFunctions. These include automatic calibration, for example. So, should the case arise that you need to change your nozzle, its calibration will take place automatically afterward. As far as leveling the print bed is concerned, the process is also facilitated by a three-point procedure, resulting in increased productivity. The nozzle options are 0.23, 0.4 and 0.8 mm, but depend on the material and part geometry. SmartColoring allows you to 3D print your parts with an existing color selection. This includes an intelligent color mixing system, where you can also enter the density of the color individually. This gives you a colored part at the end of the 3D printing process.