The J850 TechStyle 3D printer from US manufacturer Stratasys gives designers and high-end fashion brands a new level of design freedom, enabling personalisation and customisation in small-batch production with seamless integration and minimal downtime. The 3D printer has a virtually unlimited colour palette with over 600,000 colours available and Pantone Validated™ palettes for matte and gloss finishes. The desired print area can be specified on a fabric sheet of up to two square metres.

Details of the J850 TechStyle

The printer’s housing holds 7 cartridges for different materials for the realisation of any design idea. From bright colours to full transparency, textures in rigid or flexible materials, nothing is impossible. The file to be printed can also be outputted directly in GrabCAD™. The flexible printing capabilities of the J850 are second to none and it has a 2-mode capability that allows it to print directly onto textiles. What makes it special, however, is that it can also print on garments that have already been used. This way, they can be upgraded by means of 3D printing. However, the printer can also be used for the production of fashion accessories such as buttons, cufflinks and pocket clips up to a height of 50 mm.

The J850 TechStyle’s print tray is interchangeable, allowing a second tray to be prepared and changed during a print run. This ensures faster production runs and minimal downtime. Unique Fabric Analyzer technology analyses a fabric sample for digital design optimisation, eliminating the need to spend time and money on multiple iterations before production. This allows the fabric’s existing pattern to be integrated into the 3D design.

The workflow can be easily optimised with GrabCAD Print software, which allows direct printing from the preferred professional CAD formats and also uses advanced rendering software. Time-consuming painting or incorrect matching of Pantone colours can be eliminated with a single mouse click in GrabCAD Print. The intelligent default settings, tooltips and notifications, also ensure a seamless printing process. It also allows you to work with detailed views of the desired model and provides a file and slice preview so that any necessary adjustments can be made.

As a founding member of the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association, Stratasys TechStyle reduces the need for excessive inventory by allowing used clothing and accessories to be upgraded by adding 3D printed elements. The J850 TechStyle also enables designers to create full-colour designs that cannot be achieved with other processes.