Among the printers offered by the American manufacturer Stratasys, many are intended for the health sector. One of these is the J720 Dental, a dental 3D printer that offers maximum throughput and full-color dental printing. The Stratasys J720 Dental 3D Printer was designed to meet the increasing demands that laboratories face today. This full-color, multi-material printer produces high-resolution models with unmatched accuracy, combining speed, high throughput and realism to meet all dental case requirements and outperform all other DLP and SLA digital printers.

J720 Dental Printer Features

The J720 Dental is an all-in-one dental printer that combines speed, high capacity, high resolution and the simultaneous use of up to six materials. The 3D printer increases color power while reducing the number of touch-ups required, allowing it to achieve faster results. The J720 Dental allows you to work more intelligently, for example by saving time with the automatic division of the printing plate in GrabCAD.

It allows you to print several types at the same time, even with different materials. And all in one print! This makes it possible to produce faster than with small single material printers. It is possible to print with up to six materials at the same time. This means that only one 3D printer is needed instead of several, and that monitoring, maintenance and servicing costs are reduced. It is also possible to print different materials in the same print tray, which maximizes productivity and speeds up the print rate.

With the same capacity, printed models are produced faster than with competitive systems and quality remains unchanged, as the J720 combines high-resolution printing with a short build time. The printer also simplifies orthodontic fabrication by allowing the Separator DM to coat the models and more easily remove wax and acrylic residue afterwards.