The Stratasys J700 Dental is the first mass-produced 3D printing solution designed for the production of clear aligners. You’ll simplify workflow with a fully integrated system and accuracy that exceeds industry standards. With an optimised plug-and-play configuration, you can produce up to 400 clear aligners per day. This dental printer can reach full production in just hours.

Features of the J700 Dental

With this printer, archwires of the highest quality can be produced with the cost savings and ease of use of truly hands-off manufacturing. SUP705 backing material means optimised cleanliness to take your archwires quickly from printing to thermoforming to shipping. With set-up possible in a matter of days, the J700 Dental can quickly start producing hundreds of archwires daily, with model quality, accuracy and repeatability. This means faster turnaround, therefore higher patient satisfaction and lower costs. The J700 Dental features single-material impression, with MED670 or MED690. VeroDent MED670: offers high quality detail, strength and durability in a peach shade, perfect for orthodontic labs and clear aligner manufacturers. VeroDentPlus (MED690): in dark beige, creates a fine finish and detail with strength, precision and durability.

The J700 Dental is an investment at only one-third the price of competitors’ similarly priced systems. You can rely on this printer for a fully integrated hardware, software and materials solution with system qualification in a matter of days. Dental laboratories and dental and orthodontic labs now have the ability to produce archwires quickly, reliably and with ease of use from large-scale manufacturing facilities. Scale quickly without the need for extensive customisation or engineering.