Like the Objet30 Prime 3D printer, Stratasys now offers several machines for the healthcare field, and more specifically the dental sector. And to enable professionals to produce parts quickly and easily, the company is marketing the J5 Dentajet.

Features of the J5 Dentajet

Launched in 2021 by Stratasys and designed for professionals in the dental sector, the J5 Dentajet offers a printing volume of 140 x 200 x 190 mm. Based on the Material Jetting process, the 3D printer aims to shorten delivery times and simplify production. It is for this reason that the machine has such a large printing plate. According to the manufacturer, the machine can print up to 41 dental implants per day. Capable of processing up to 5 different materials, including three biocompatible resins, 500,000 colors would be available on the J5 Dentajet. The manufacturer also explains that the main advantages of the machine lie in its ability to optimize productivity and output by printing several parts in different materials on the same manufacturing tray. In addition, thanks to its ability to reproduce real colors, the machine brings real added value to patients.

In terms of applications, the J5 Dentajet can, for example, print an implant with a rigid opaque model with a soft gingival mask and a transparent biocompatible surgical guide, or a PAP frame in a casting material at the same time as the patient model. In short, if you are looking for a space-saving and highly efficient all-in-one dental parts printer, the J5 DentaJet is for you.