The Flashforge Hunter is a desktop resin 3D printer produced by Flashforge, a China-based manufacturer. This resin 3D printer is the new version of the FlashForge Explorer DLP. Thanks to its 0.0125 mm resolution, it is suitable for professionals, but also for beginners in additive manufacturing who are passionate about this technology. Flashforge is known for its desktop 3D printers, and offers a variety of printers that are suitable for different applications. Aside from the Hunter DLP, it offers on the professional side the Guider 3 series and Creator 3 and 4 series.

The Hunter is particularly aimed at the jewelry and dental sector. It can be used to print dental models of the required size, making the digitized workflow more economical and more convenient. For jewelry, the Hunter can be used for making proofs, meeting precision and resolution requirements and offering customizable options according to the need. The print supports are specifically designed for jewelry as they can be configured in the slicer according to precise requirements. This reduces the risks of printing issues such as warping or ghosting on the finished product.

Features of the Hunter from Flashforge

The removable resin tray has a pre-installed film to save users time. The 3D printing modes are simple, with programmed settings for printing with resin. FlashForge offers four different types of proprietary resins: Standard (FH1100), Castable (FH1200), Bio-Compatible (luxaprint 3D shell) and Tough (FH1400). The Hunter DLP is also compatible with generic resin materials. The machine is equipped with a large touch screen to facilitate the user’s experience. The user can also connect with Wi-Fi and USB connection. In terms of print volume, the Hunter can produce parts up to 120 x 67 x 150 mm with a printer size of 360 × 310 × 565 mm and a weight of 17.8 kg. In addition, the minimum print thickness is 0.001 mm, with an accuracy of 0.0025 on the XY axes.