HP has become one of the largest manufacturers of 3D printing solutions in the global market, known in particular for its Multi Jet Fusion technology and its range of polymer machines. In 2022, the American giant officially launched its metal 3D printer, which has been awaited for several years by industry players. Called HP Metal Jet S100, the industrial solution is based on the patented “HP Metal Jet” process, which is based on the metal binder jetting we know today.

Features of the HP Metal Jet S100 3D printer

The HP Metal Jet is an end-to-end manufacturing solution that includes the 3D printer itself with its heat treatment system, a powder management machine and a de-powdering station. Thus, the user can count on a reliable and complete system to produce parts in small and medium series. If we look at the 3D printer itself, note that it offers a printing volume of 430 x 309 x 200 mm.

In terms of materials, for the moment, the manufacturer HP offers two stainless steel powders, allowing to address sectors such as industry, consumer goods or automotive. The HP Metal Jet S100 machine already has several users who seem satisfied with the level of quality and productivity it offers. Dr. Martin Goede, Head of Technology Planning and Development at Volkswagen, said: “By reducing the cycle time for the production of parts, we can achieve a higher volume of mass production very quickly. That’s why HP’s new Metal Jet platform represents a huge leap forward for the industry and we look forward to raising the bar on what’s possible to deliver more value and innovation to our customers.”

Finally, you should know that you can also order metal 3D printed parts on the HP Metal Jet S100 through the service offered by the US manufacturer. It also offers design and quality control.