Founded in 2014, Creality 3D has been particularly focused on FDM, filaments for 3D printers and resin as it relates to 3D printing. It is in the latter category that the HALOT-ONE belongs, considered a next-generation high-performance resin 3D printer. Overall, the HALOT-ONE is part of the HALOT series, which also includes the HALOT-LITE, HALOT-SKY and HALOT-MAX.

Features of the HALOT-ONE

With a weight of 7.1 kg, the machine offers the user a printing volume of 127 x 80 x 160 mm, while the noise of the 3D printer does not exceed 60 dB. The 3D printer, which is particularly appreciated for its high quality and affordable price for beginners, is therefore not only suitable for leading manufacturers and users, but also especially for start-ups. For example, it is suitable for the jewelry, architecture, dentistry and even education sectors.

The HALOT-ONE uses a next-generation motherboard developed by Creality: it is equipped with a main control chip that significantly reduces power consumption and thus saves money. Also, thanks to the refraction and reflection of light, the optical system developed in-house makes the distribution of light intensity throughout the display much more uniform and gives each dimension of the model a certain level of detail. According to the manufacturer, this integral light source solves the problems of uneven curing, avoids seeing the overlay of print layers, but also improves the gloss and detail of the final part.