Flashforge 3D Technology Co. is a company specializing in the development and manufacture of 3D printers. The company was founded in 2011 and has since built a strong presence in the industry, with products sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Flashforge is known for its reliable, high-quality 3D printers, suitable for both professional and home use. Flashforge markets 3D printers, 3D printing services, filaments and 3D software. Its products are intended for individuals but also for professionals and industrialists, which are exported to various regions of the world. The Guider 3 belongs to the Guider 3 series, which is part of the series of professional printers offered by the Chinese company Flashforge, which also includes the Guider 3 Plus and Guider 3 Ultra printers.

Features of the Guider 3

With outside dimensions of 496 x 436 x 696 mm, the Guider 3 has a print volume of 300 x 250 x 340 mm. It features a removable printing platform, an end-of-material detection system, a print resume mechanism and a camera to monitor prints remotely. The Guider 3 3D printer is a professional-level printer for home users, schools and small businesses. Flashforge highlights its speed and hardware management system. It is especially suitable for small series production. The Guider 3 is a lightweight 3D printer, which is supplied with two possible printing plates, one made of glass and one made of flexible steel, an easy-to-disassemble nozzle, a HEPA 13 air filter as well as a remote control system.