The G3 system represents the advancement of the G2/F2 system, which is the flagship product of Vienna-based company GENERA. The G3 system is an all-in-one solution that combines the functionalities of the G2 3D printer and the F2 post-processing system into a single device. This integrated machine allows for a seamless transition from the digital file to the finished object.

Features of the All-in-One G3:

The G3 printer operates with adjustable pixel sizes of 40, 70, or 100 µm, using DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, similar to the G2. It offers a maximum print volume of 384 x 216 x 320 mm. After the printing process, the objects are directly post-processed using the GENERA Clear3d cleaning fluid, which is provided in a 2×60 liter supply. The integrated UV chamber enables automatic post-curing, with the temperature being manually controllable.