G1/F1 is the desktop version of the GENERA workflow, known for its proprietary technology, security, and cleanliness. This desktop solution is one of the latest developments from the Austrian manufacturer, created in collaboration with Stratasys.

Features of the GENERA G1/F1:

The system offers a print volume of 134 x 76 x 150 mm and utilizes the GENERA Shuttle technology, which ensures a clean and secure workflow. GENERA provides a range of compatible materials. The G1 system automatically dispenses the required material. It incorporates an integrated recoater that assists in mixing the resin in the resin tank, ensuring consistent printing results. Once the printing process is complete, the object is automatically post-processed by the F1 system. The F1 system uses a flash lamp to cure the parts in an inert atmosphere. The parts are then cleaned in two specially designed tanks for safe use of IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). This eliminates the need for the user to handle protective equipment. The integrated material cartridge allows for safe resin application, and the entire post-processing procedure takes place within the integrated F1 system. An activated carbon filter is also included to neutralize any odors.

The G1/F1 consists of two systems with the following dimensions:

G1: 530 x 670 x 515 mm, weighing 41 kg

F1: 730 x 670 x 515 mm, weighing 50 kg