Markforged is an American company founded in 2013 that specializes in the development and production of industrial 3D printing solutions. It quickly chose to design 3D printers based on the principle of extrusion (FFF) and continuous fiber reinforcement (CFR), capable of creating composite parts. Markforged is renowned for its desktop models, such as the Onyx One and Mark Two, but also for its more industrial solutions, such as the X7. Finally, the company has also expanded its range with metal 3D printers. At Formnext 2023, it unveiled a new composite machine, the FX10, which offers greater precision, strength and speed, responding to market challenges.

FX10 Features

The FX10 builds on the strengths of its big sister, the X7, while making modifications to provide a reliable and accurate manufacturing solution. It is said to be twice as fast as the X7, and offers a print volume of 375 x 300 x 300 mm. The FX10 3D printer is equipped with two optical sensors, installed on the print heads, to inspect parts while the machine is running. They also ensure correct calibration. Its aluminum platen is heated, and the chamber can reach 60°C. A 7″ touch screen allows the user to better control the machine and monitor its progress.

In terms of materials, the FX10 designs parts reinforced with continuous carbon fiber. It is compatible with Markforged’s Onyx material – other materials are due to be announced in the coming months. This enables users to design strong, lightweight parts for a wide range of industrial applications. The FX10 3D printer is equipped with a filament compartment that can store up to 4 spools. This system also enables automatic material changeover and rapid loading of spools, with minimal operator intervention.