Since its founding in 1923, the German family-owned company has been involved in the manufacture of machines in the field of plastics processing – and for some time now, specifically with 3D printers. In addition to the Freeformer 750-3X and the Freeformer 200-3X, the company’s portfolio also includes the Freeformer 300-3X.

The Freeformer 300-3X, which has been on the market since 2018, offers 50% more space for parts in direct comparison with its colleague the Freeformer 200-3x. This is in fact where its designation 300 is derived from, namely for the available part carrier area, measured in square centimeters. This means that parts with dimensions of up to 234 x 134 x 230 mm can be produced. With ‘3X’, ARBURG refers in the designation of its machine to the three axes of the part carrier, movable in the x, y and z directions. Both of the printers use extrusion to manufacture parts.

Features of the Freeformer 300-3X printer

It is important to mention that the Freeformer 300-3X from ARBURG processes three components. Thus, it enables the production by means of additive manufacturing of parts in an enormously resilient hard-soft connection with support structures stand. The technology used here is material jetting, and this open system, in which slicer and process parameters are freely programmable, works with plastic. It is important to mention that here ARBURG’s plastic free-forming (AKF) as a patented process finds its application for additive manufacturing. You also benefit from the ability to combine multiple materials and colors as standard. What significantly distinguishes the Freeformer 300-3X from its colleagues is, on the one hand, the number of discharges, which amount to two for the Freeformer 200-3X and three for the Freeformer 750-3X. On the Freeformer 300-3X, on the other hand, you can choose between two and three.