The Form 2 is no longer manufactured by Formlabs, but some refurbished models are available on the market. The company has put out two other solutions since discontinuing production, the Form 3 and the Form 3L.

Unveiled for the first time in September 2015, Form 2 is the worthy successor to Form 1+. The 3D printer is still based on a stereolithography process but offers some improvements such as a 42% larger printing volume (145 x 145 x 175 mm), a more powerful laser or the possibility of connecting your machine via WiFi.

The Form 2, a highly accurate 3D printer

Formlabs‘ Form 2 is capable of printing very thin objects with a minimum layer height of 25 microns. It is delivered with PreForm software and allows you to receive notifications at the end of a print run. This new version also includes the addition of cartridges equipped with an electronic chip to track the remaining resin level.

It is an ideal machine for many professionals working in the jewellery, medical and more particularly dental, art, etc. sectors. As for materials, the 3D printer is only compatible with Form 2 cartridges developed by the American manufacturer. A wide variety of colours is available.

The Form 2, a machine ready for use

Form 2 is delivered with a resin tray, a manufacturing tray, a handling guide for easier use and a finishing kit that includes a pliers, spatula, pipette, rinsing trays and work supports. This simplifies post-processing work.

The 3Dnatives Lab has tested this 3D printer for you: find the Form 2 test HERE.