The Form 3L is part of the latest generation of 3D printers from leading SLA manufacturer Formlabs. The large format 3D printer comes with a patented printing technology: Low Force Stereolithography (LFS). A technology with a custom laser and mirror system to polymerise a photosensitive resin. According to the manufacturer, this technology reduces the pull-friction, allowing you to produce crisp details with less support structures. 

Form 3L, a large format 3D printer

Formlabs’ Form 3L offers a large printing volume of 335 × 200 × 300 mm and a resolution of up to 25 microns. These new features make it possible to offer a printing volume up to 5 times greater than the Form 2, a well-established machine on the SLA market.

The Form 3L is an affordable large format resin printer, that delivers large parts fast, using two staggered LPUs that work simultaneously along an optimised print path. This technology gives businesses the option to bring production in-house, with its accessible price point and user-friendly interface. The Form 3L multiplies the throughput of every build, when high production is required. For example, jewelers can print around 150 rings in a build, and dental labs can produce around 40 dental arches at once.

The Form 3, Form 3L, and Form 2 use the same resin cartridges. The Form 3 and Form 2 use the same build platform and are both compatible with the post-processing units, the Form Wash and Form Cure.