The global 3D printing manufacturer, Formlabs, has introduced the Form 3B, a machine designed and optimised for biocompatible materials. This solution uses Formlabs’ proprietary technology, Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ to deliver the quality and accuracy needed to meet the demands of dental and healthcare professionals.  

In the dental sector, the requirements for resolution and accuracy are demanding. The Form 3B is a precise and reliable 3D printing system which guarantees consistent results, removing the margin for error in traditional fabrication with validated workflows tested by a team of dental experts. It can achieve a XY resolution of 25 microns and has a build volume of 141 x 141 x 181 mm. 

Form 3B, an industrial quality dental 3D printer

The Form 3B has been developed to provide a complete dental workflow, including Scan, Design, Print and Prepare. The steps of the complete dental workflow are as follows: 

  1. 1) Collect patient anatomy digitally using an intraoral scanner, and submit the data to the lab with a digital prescription or to a design station.
  2. 2) Import scan data into CAD software, where the virtual design takes place.
  3. 3) Import the designed CAD files into PreForm print preparation software for print setup and send them easily to a Formlabs printer.
  4. 4) Wash, dry and post-cure the 3D printed parts. Once processed, parts printed with biocompatible materials can be used intraorally, or to produce various indications.

Form 3B meets dental demand

The manufacturer proposes a no-hassle cartridge system which you can use with their library of dental resins. Additionally, it has put in place specialist support to respond to users’ needs. The team of certified dental support specialists will be able to give you expert advice to help you or your business. Currently, the team is made up of 75+ support and service staff and 150+ engineers. The Formlabs Dental Service Plan includes tailored onboarding, regular check-ins, and dedicated around the clock phone and email support.