The Form 3 3D printer from the American manufacturer Formlabs is the evolution of its famous Form 2, which is also part of our ranking of the best SLA 3D printers on the market. The manufacturer’s new printer features a printing technology called Lower Force Stereolithography (LFS). It is equipped with a system of lasers and mirrors that polymerize isotropic solid parts from liquid photosensitive resin with very high precision. According to the manufacturer, the Form 3 can manufacture parts 4 times faster and with more accuracy.


Form 3, an evolution proposed by Formlabs


The new Form 3 offers some advantages over its previous model. Its printing volume is 145 × 145 × 185 mm and its resolution can reach up to 25 microns. The Form 3 comes at the same time as the Form 3L: the large-scale version. The Form 3, Form 3L, and Form 2 use the same resin cartridges. The Form 3 and Form 2 use the same build platform and are both compatible with the post-processing units, the Form Wash and Form Cure. More precisely, there are three features that sum up the Form 3:


Pinpoint Precision 
The bespoke Light Processing Unit (LPU) uses a compact system of lenses to produce precise and repeatable prints. The LPU, rollers and optical window are fully serviceable in-house, to prevent the need for replacement shipments.

Continuous Printing
With inbuilt sensors to maintain optimum printing conditions and then notify you with regular updates, the Form 3 is built for performance. New software features allow you to send prints remotely and manage a print queue across multiple locations.

A Process Built to Scale
Formlabs printers are ready to plug and print straight out of the box, with no specialist training, giving you industrial quality tools that can grow with your business.  One of the benefits of the LFS technology is that the flexible tank significantly reduces stress on parts during the printing. This results in much clearer parts and improved surface finish.