The Figure 4 Production solution launched by 3D Systems offers a fully integrated digital additive manufacturing platform, which is well suited for high-volume production. Based on stereolithography (SLA) technology it is capable of producing up to 100,000 parts per month.

Figure 4 Production combines design flexibility in configurable, in-line production cells to provide a straightforward, automated and customizable 3D solution. It integrates an end-to-end digital workflow supported by 3D Sprint and 3D Connect software. It features print speeds of up to 65 mm/hr and prototyping speeds of up to 100 mm/hr.

It has a maximum printing volume of 124 x 70 x 346 mm and is compatible with industrial grade materials. It also integrates a post-processing solution (washing, drying and curing). It is undoubtedly a very suitable option for job management and long automated queues.