The Factory 2.0 NET is the largest printer offered by Omni3D. This Polish manufacturer specializes in the production of large-format, industrial 3D printers and considers itself to be Europe’s top manufacturer of these types of machines. The Factory 2.0 NET in particular is noted by the company to be ‘the perfect solution for customers demanding a high standard of print process and demanding materials.’

As such, the printer has a number of characteristics that are perfect for industrial 3D printing, including a number that are shared with its predecessors the Omni500 LITE and the Factory 2.0. For example, the machine comes with a closed heated bed chamber as well as its Omni3D Air Circulation, allowing for complete regulation of the temperature in the printer and maintaining a constant temperature throughout the print, perfect for printing with high-temperature materials like PEEK. The max temperature of this chamber is 70˚C while the max platform temperature is 150˚C (with an option to go up to 170˚C). Furthermore, the machine boasts two extruders which are capable of lifting when inactive, reducing the possibility of printing fails do to leakages. It is possible to have an optional print head that can go up to 420˚C.

Features of the Factory 2.0 NET

However, these are not the only benefits of using the Factory 2.0 NET. Like the other solutions developed by Omni3D, the Factory 2.0 NET puts a premium on automation and control. For example, the inclusion of Omni3D Web Control™ which allows the user to monitor and make changes remotely during the printing. A clear necessity when it comes to industrial printing. Adding onto this, Omni3D has also integrated Omni3D Filament Flow Control™, giving users full control over filament flow and thus ensuring precision and dimensional. Print quality is further guaranteed thanks to the New Stepper Motors Drivers.

Furthermore, in contrast to other solutions from Omni3D, the Factory 2.0 NET has a few additional features. Notably, it is one of the few to have both LAN and WIFI connectivity, making it even more suitable for remote control of the print. Additionally, it is slightly larger thanks to its build volume of 500 x 500 x 570 mm.