The 3D Systems FabPro 1000 is a professional desktop 3D printer produced by 3D Systems, a well-known manufacturer based in the United States. 3D Systems targets many industries and applications with this industrial grade resin 3D printer. It is capable of delivering consistent results for 3D printing of robust and durable parts. Several proprietary resins are available for the FabPro 1000, ranging from engineering plastics to conventional resins.

Features of the 3D Systems FabPro 1000

With its digital light printing (DLP) technology and 125 x 70 x 120 mm print tray size, the FabPro 1000 printer is perfect for printing small parts. The printer excels at delivering improved accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness over other systems in its class. Compared to its competitors, 3D Systems’ 3D printer offers an average print speed almost twice as fast at about 21 mm/hr. The thickness of the layers can go up to 30 microns.

For the FabPro 1000 printer, post-processing is a simple process, divided into two steps: cleaning and curing the parts. Simply remove the printed part from the printer, remove the support structures and clean the part in a solvent, either manually or with an ultrasonic cleaner. The FabPro 1000 printer includes a finishing kit to help with the cleaning and media removal process. Finally, the part must be UV cured for a final finish, using the optional recommended LC-3DPrint Box or other UV curing unit. Job preparation, printing and monitoring are made easy with 3D Sprint ™ software. In addition, material loading, file setup and post-processing have been simplified for a streamlined user experience.