The Stratasys F900 is specially designed for manufacturing and industry. As such, it has been designed to have large dimensions to address a number of needs. As the FDM system with the largest installation space, it is designed for particularly high production requirements. It sets high standards in terms of speed, performance and accuracy for functional prototypes and production tools with high-pressure tolerances.

 Features and Benefits of The F900 3D Printer

The Stratasys F900 is able to produce robust production parts, equipment, fasteners, tools, and functional prototypes. It uses a wide range of thermoplastics with outstanding mechanical properties to produce components that can withstand high heat, chemicals, sterilization, and other demanding applications. This system can be operated almost anywhere as it does not require any special environmental conditions in terms of noise protection, room ventilation or waste disposal. These available materials include ABS-M30, ABS-M30i, ABS-ESD7,ASA, PC-ISO, PC, PC-ABS, FDM Nylon12, FDM Nylon 12CF, ST-130, Ultem9085, Ultem1010, PPSF, Antero 800NA, Antero 840CN03, FDM Nylon6

The Stratasys F900 can work with various file formats, including STL, VRML and other native 3D CAD file formats such as Creo, Solidworks, NX, CATIA and Inventor. If there is a defect in a file, the F900 has the ability to repair it directly in the file. Finally, a connection to the machine can be easily established via WIFI or Ethernet. The STRATASYS F900 is the right 3D printer to choose if a 3D printer with a large installation space in combination with flexible material selection is important.