You have almost definitely heard of Stratasys as it is one of the oldest manufacturers currently working in 3D printing. Though perhaps best known for their PolyJet (material jetting) solutions, they have 3D printers using a number of different 3D printing processes. Including of course, professional FDM solutions. The F770 Large Format 3D printer is one of these, offering reliable, large-scale 3D printing in a user-friendly affordable system. The F770 printer can be used for a number of applications, especially for those needing high-performance materials, and is compatible with ABS-M30, a strong, tough thermoplastic, and ASA, which is similar to ABS but is UV resistant and has a smoother printed surface.

Features of the F770 3D Printer

According to Stratasys, the true benefit of this particular printer is that users can print big without the high capital investment of exclusive, large format printers. Priced under $100,000, the printer is certainly not cheap, but is reasonable for an industrial, extrusion printer. And with a build plate measuring 1,000 x 610 x 610 mm, users can certainly print both large parts as well as many individual parts in one build.

But a large print capacity is not the only benefit of the machine. Easy-of-use is also a large draw for many users. Indeed, Stratasys stresses that operation of the F770 3D printer is simple with no undue hassles thanks to an intuitive user interface, GrabCAD print software for easy  file prep and remote print monitoring and soluble support for greater design freedom and hands-free post-processing.

An additional feature is that the 3D printer has been built with connectivity and data security in mind. The MTConnect allows users to just plug the printer directly into their smart factory floor while ProtectAM technology provides data security, including U.S. government agency STIG compliance. Combining this with the reliability of Stratasys’ FDM technology, for many the printer could be considered one of the highest  value for 3D printing large, complex parts.