The Stratasys F120 3D printer is the latest model in the US manufacturer’s F123 series. With its intuitive interface, it delivers precise, highly reliable print results. The Stratasys F120 also offers the benefits and features of the largest industrial 3D printers for desktop printing. It has a print volume of 254 x 254 x 254 mm and a weight of 124 kg.

Stratasys F120 3D printer manufactures with different materials

It prints stable and distortion-free plastic components with Fused Deposition Modeling technology, with ABS and ASA materials, as well as soluble support materials in three possible resolutions. Its ability to use large reels of material guarantees an operating time of up to 250 hours. And with the integrated camera, you can monitor the printing process at any time. Print jobs can be printed in high quality or in draft mode at higher speeds.


Automatic repair of damaged files

The Stratasys F120 3D printer can work with several file formats, including STL, VRML and other native CAD file formats such as Creo, Solidworks, NX, CATIA and Inventor. If there is a defect in a file, the F120 has the option to repair it directly.