The Chinese company UnionTech, founded in 2000, has a wide range of professional and desktop 3D printers. All of them work with different resin additive manufacturing technologies: DLP, SLA and LCD. Among the different ranges of machines, we find the EvoDent Series, with solutions based on Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. This series includes the E140, S200, S300 and S300+. Let’s take a look at the features of the EvoDent S200.

EvoDent S200 Features

According to UnionTech, the S200 3D printer belongs to the new generation of high-quality, high-throughput DLP printers. It offers high precision with horizontal resolution of up to ±30μm. It boasts a total weight of 120kg and outside dimensions of 600 × 510 × 1450 mm. Among other things, the UnionTech machine has a maximum print volume of 192 × 108 × 200 mm and a high manufacturing speed, enabling a full plate print to be completed in as little as one hour.

Something remarkable about this machine is that it integrates an automatic power correction to achieve a better finishing quality of the parts. Finally, this machine has a pixel size of 50 μm, is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system and the company’s patented UnionTech™ DSCON data preparation and control software.