The 3D printer P 500 is part of the range of polymer solutions from the German manufacturer EOS. It is an industrial machine compatible with plastics such as nylon (PA12) but also high performance materials such as PEEK. EOS is the only manufacturer that offers SLS machines compatible with technical thermoplastics. This makes it ideal for industries such as aerospace and automotive that require impact resistant, temperature resistant parts while keeping the weight relatively low.

Features of the P 500

The P 500 applies powder at a maximum speed of 0.6 m/s and its two lasers have a power of 70 watts, which reduces the cost per part by 30%. Furthermore, the machine can reach a temperature of 300°C, allowing it to optimally process a wide range of polymers, including high-performance ones, making it perfect for a variety of industrial applications.

Thanks to the fact that the printer has been designed with polymer laser sintering on an industrial scale in mind, it also has a number of exciting features for users. This includes automation through the EOSYSTEM system which intuitively controls everything. Additionally, other software integration such as CAD Systems can be provided by EOSPRINT 2 while a connection to ERP systems is provided by EOSCONNECT. Working together, these software help to reduce the cycle time for each part as well as guarantee operational build times.