In the dental industry, more and more 3D solutions are emerging.  Like Stratasys and Formlabs, EnvisionTEC offers 3D printers designed to simplify the daily life of professionals in the dental industry. This is particularly true of the Envision One 3D printer, now marketed under the name Envision One ETEC.

Features of the Envision One 3D printer

Launched in 2019 by German manufacturer EnvisionTEC, the Envision One 3D printer boasts a printing volume of 180 x 101 x 85 mm. Featuring a user-friendly interface, the machine allows users to print up to 6 orthodontic arch models in less than 15 minutes. With an XY resolution of 93 µm and a print speed of up to 80 mm/hour, the 3D printer reduces the amount of media required by 75% compared to conventional DLP printers.