EVO-Tech is an Austria-based full-service provider in additive manufacturing. The company develops, produces, and markets both 3D printers and filaments (plastics and metal) for 3D printing. The company’s product range includes various 3D printers. In addition to the EL 28, Evo-tech also offers the EL-28 V1, the EL-102 V2, and the powerful EL-1040.

The Features of The EL-28

The EL-28 is a 3D printer for low-cost additive manufacturing with industrial features. Its built-in tray has a 340x 240 x 350 mm print area. The device incorporates a closed-loop drive system, which guarantees high system stability and automatic correction of deviations. Its integrated interior heater with temperature control ensures less warpage and tension, as well as layer adhesion and welding, plus optimized print bed adhesion.

In addition to that, its calibration works automatically, which means that its 36 point bed levelling, as well as the calobration of the parallelism between bed and nozzles and the calibration of the nozzles to each other – all funtion automatically.  The 2 simultaneously usable nozzle heads and the associated output and material combination possibilities offer many advantages. These are, besides others, the possibility of dual pressure, a copy mode for doubled output, an integrated nozzle cleaning station, and a parking position outside the pressure range. The highest possible nozzle temperature here is 290 degrees Celsius.  The print volume is 28 liters.

Other features of the EL-102 are a filament detection system, a residual material display, the possibility of material matching between G-code and reel, a batch tracking, and a documentation function. The hardware and software guarantee easy expandability with integrated LAN, WLAN, and USB connectivity and an API for integration into your production network. The EL-102 also includes a filament run-out sensor. The print bed, which can be heated up to 100 degrees Celsius (`220 °F), features automatic print bed measurements. The average power of the printer is 600 watts, with the highest possible power being 1300 watts. The electrical connection is 230 volts. The EL-102 V2 weighs 150 kg.