EVO-Tech is a full-service provider of additive manufacturing solutions, based in Austria. The company develops, produces, and markets both 3D printers and filaments (plastics and metal) for the 3D printing industry. EVO-Tech focuses on the ongoing expansion of its technological lead and its consistent dedication to customer needs. In addition to the EL-1040, the company’s product line includes the models EL-102 V2 and the EL-28 V1.

Features of the EL-1040

The EL-1040 offers an XXL print area that measures 1,300 x 1,000 x 800, a size twice as big as the manufacturer’s other two printers. It features a closed loop drive system, which guarantees high system stability and automatic correction of deviations. The integrated interior heater ensures less warpage and stress, improved layer adhesion and sealing, and optimized print bed adhesion as well. The EL-1040 also features automatic calibration and four independent nozzles. These 4 simultaneously usable nozzle heads and the associated ejection, as well as material combination possibilities, offer many advantages. These include the ability to print 4 of the same parts in parallel, reducing print time to a quarter, the ability to combine different nozzle diameters, less setup time when using different materials on a regular basis, and the ability to combine up to 4 materials in one print job.

The components of the EL-1040 printer are built on a neatly face-milled aluminum plate, which in turn is mounted on a milled steel frame. Its new software version 4.0 guarantees upgrade security and easy expandability and feature extras such as a modular CAN bus system, communication with G-code standard, automatic updates via Internet or USB stick, over 35 sensors to ensure a reproducible result, API for reading out real-time data, and also an available UL version. The 7200-watt interior heating, as well as the controllable cooling, ensure an excellent result in the welding process. The 6 interior heaters with 1,200 watts each achieve comparatively very fast and homogeneous heating of the installation space. This guarantees reproducible results, significantly less shrinkage and distortion, and higher component strength.