RAYSHAPE, a China-based company, is dedicated to the development of resin 3D printers tailored to the diverse needs of numerous industries. Their offerings encompass comprehensive solutions for 3D printing, manufacturing, and software development, all designed with user-friendliness in mind. The company’s primary application areas span various fields including dentistry, mechanical engineering, electronic components, education, and cultural and creative industries, among others. One of their notable products is the Edge E1, a resin 3D printer based on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology.

EDGE E1 Features

The Edge E1 boasts several key features that set it apart. With a maximum volume of 192x120x190 mm, the machine is equipped with a user-friendly 7” touch screen for seamless operation. Its print tray facilitates clean and swift part creation, streamlining workflow and post-processing. The printer’s hardware dimensions measure 390 x 420 x 535 mm, with a total weight of 26kg. Notably, it includes a closed enclosure and an air filter, ensuring controlled printing environments.

The Edge E1 finds wide-ranging applications, with the dental sector being particularly prominent. Its standout feature is the 8.9″ 4K mono LCD screen, enabling the creation of upper and lower dental arches. This capability makes it ideal for producing aligners, study models, dentures, and dental splints. Designed for customers venturing into the era of digital dentistry, it offers high speed and precision, delivering parts with exceptional detail. Furthermore, it is compatible with a range of popular third-party resins, including Detax, Kulzer, KeyPrint, and others, providing users with flexibility and choice.

RAYSHAPE’s Edge E1 embodies their commitment to delivering advanced resin 3D printing technology that caters to the specific needs of various industries. Its precision, ease of use, and compatibility with third-party resins make it a valuable tool in the realm of digital dentistry and beyond.