Well-known American manufacturer Sciaky Inc. has been in operation since 1939, notably offering industrial welding systems. Since 2009, it also launched its own metal 3D printing solutions. These systems use Sciaky’s own Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing, which itself falls under the Directed Energy Deposition umbrella and which was developed thanks to the company’s own expertise with welding. Sciaky’s systems enable the production of metal prototypes as well as end-use parts quickly and efficiently. The EBAM 110 is also just one of the offerings, joining as well the EBAM 150, EBAM 200 and the EBAM 300.

One thing that is remarkable about all Sciaky’s solutions is the company’s patented technology, Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing. In EBAM, an electron beam gun deposits metal layer-by-layer via a wire feedstock. As with many other DED solutions, it has a number of advantages including for large-scale additive manufacturing as well as the ability to combine two different metal alloys into a single melt pool thanks to the dual wirefeed system in order to create custom alloy parts.

Features of the EBAM 110 System

In the words of Sciaky, the EBAM 110 System is one of the most versatile advanced manufacturing systems on the market. The company notes that it provides t provides significant advantages in energy efficiency, part handling, motion, cycle time, and accuracy. Moreover, the EBAM 110 System has been designed to be an ideal solution for applications containing refractory alloys and dissimilar material. As with many DED machines, and above all those from Sciaky, the build size is also impressive. Though one of the smaller offerings from the American manufacturer, the EBAM 110 still boasts a build envelope of 70” (1778 mm) wide x 47” (1194 mm) deep x 63” (1600 mm) high as well as a nominal part envelope of 106” (2692 mm) wide x 47” (1194 mm) deep x 63” (1600 mm) high.

It also shares benefits of the other EBAM systems. For example, Sciaky’s patented closed loop control, called IRISS® (Interlayer Real-time Imaging & Sensing System). It also features an internal boom mounted gun with high resolution optics & servo gun tilt axis as well as a Joint Scanning and Digitizing System for CNC control.