Chinese 3D printer manufacturer EasyMFG is one of the few 3D solutions providers in the country to work mainly with binder jetting. In addition to the Easy3DP-S450, their sand-based 3D printer offerings also include the S500, S1200 and S2200. The compatibility of the sand material is also key to the designation of the 3D printers, all of which have an S in their names. All of these machines are 3D printers designed for industry, which should provide the user with a significantly shorter turnaround time and lower production costs. The Easy3DP-S450 is mainly used for applications in sectors such as automotive and aerospace.

Features of the Easy3DP-S450 3D printer

The 3D printer, which is compatible with quartz sand, among other things, has a print volume of 450 × 220 x 300 mm, with the external dimensions of the machine amounting to 1275 x 825 x 1465 mm. Regarding the 3D printing process, it is important to note that the hardener can be mixed with sand while the printer is running, without the need to stop it. The printing speed of the 3D printer accepting STL and 3MF formats is 7 to 25 seconds per layer, and the layer height can be set between 0.1 and 0.5 mm. Thanks to the self-cleaning function, the machine’s user doesn’t have to worry about its piezo print head getting clogged, as it is cleaned automatically.