The Easy3DP-S2200 3D printer is an industrial machine from the manufacturer EasyMFG. This printer is part of the manufacturer’s S series, which also includes the Easy3DP-S450, Easy3DP-S500 and Easy3DP-S1200. The S in the name of the 3D printers refers to the material used, sand, which is used in the binder jetting process.

Features of the Easy3DP-S2200 3D Printer

The number 2200 in the name refers, as for the others in the series, to the size of the printing volume of the printer. As you might expect, this measures 2200 x 1000 x 1000 mm. The Easy3D-S2200 large format 3D printer, which accepts STL and 3MF file formats, has external dimensions of 4440 x 2050 x 1900 mm. When it comes to the print head of the machine, it is important for the user to know that it does not clog easily due to the automatic cleaning function. In addition, the Easy3DP-S2200 has four piezoelectric print heads. For comparison, the S1200 has two piezo print heads and the S500 and S450 only one. However, the 72 mm length and 360 DPI resolution are the same for all S series devices. The print speed of the Easy3DP-S2200 is 10 to 50 seconds per layer, with a layer height that can be set between 0.1 and 0.5 mm. The powder feed is compatible with various sands and runs like a waterfall.