The Easy3DP-S1200 has been launched by Chinese 3D printer manufacturer EasyMFG. This machine thus completes the company’s well-known S-series portfolio, which are all intended for use in industry. In addition to the Easy3DP-S1200 itself, this also includes the Easy3DP-S450, Easy3DP-S500 and Easy3DP-S2200. The reason why it is an S series is simply because the material used is sand based on powder bonding technology. As far as the application areas of the 3D printer are concerned, the manufacturer says, besides mold making, it can also be used for scientific research and universities.

Features of the Easy3DP-S1200 3D Printer

The individual numbers in the S series names provide information about the size of the print volume. In the case of the Easy3DP-S1200, this is 1200 × 600 x 600 mm. As for the external dimensions of the 3D printer, they are 2300 x 1250 x 1800. Unlike its S450 and S500 series siblings, the Easy3DP-S1200 has two piezoelectric print heads that are more than 72 mm long and a resolution of 360 DPI. This machine accepts file formats such as STL and 3MF and offers a print speed of 10 to 50 seconds per layer. As for the layer height, it can be adjusted between 0.1 and 0.5 mm. When it comes to powder feeding during the 3D printing process, the Easy3DP-S1200 uses automatic powder extraction from the top hopper.