The Easy3DP-M500 3D printer is a part of of the M series of the Chinese 3D printing manufacturer EasyMFG along with the Easy3DP-M450. Unlike the manufacturer’s S series, which includes the Easy3DP-S450, Easy3DP-S500 and Easy3DP-S1200, these are machines that use metal as a material along with binder jetting. The machine manufacturer states that the machine is mainly used in sectors such as the automotive, aviation and aerospace, but it also has applications in in metal injection molding and for the production of molds and cores, for example for valves.

Features of the Easy3DP-M500 3D Printer

The name of the machine gives an indication of its respective size: the Easy3DP-M500 boasts a build volume of 500 x 450 x 400 mm, while the outer dimensions measure 1480 x 1175 x 1730 mm. One difference between the M series machines is the method of powder feeding. While the M-500 automatically takes the powder from the upper hopper, the M-450 feeds it from the storage chamber to the pressure chamber. Easy3DP-M500 was designed for the manufacture of functional parts based on a wide variety of powdered metal materials. The 3D printer, which is compatible with STL and 3MF files, can achieve a print speed of seven to 25 seconds per applied layer, with layer heights ranging from 0.04 to 0.2 mm. As far as the print head is concerned, the Easy3DP-M500 has a piezoelectric head that can be adapted and has a length of over 50 mm and a resolution of 600 DPI.