Chinese 3D printer manufacturer EasyMFG has launched an M series of machines in addition to its S series, which includes the Easy3DP-S450, among others. This consists of the Easy3DP-M450 as well as the Easy3DP-M500. The reason it is an M series is because of the material used. Both 3D printer models actually use metal as the 3D material in binder jetting. The manufacturer says that this machine has been designed for reliable production of functional parts from a wide variety of powdered metal materials. The Easy3DP-M450 is also suitable for complex geometries, as it can offer the user greater design freedom.

Features of the Easy3DP-M450 3D Printer

As the name suggests, the M-450 measures 450 x 220 x 300 mm. The exterior dimensions of the 3D printer are 1275 x 825 x 1465 mm. Another difference between the two machines is the powder feeding process. On the M-450, the powder is transferred from the storage chamber to the pressure chamber, while on the M-500, the metal powder is automatically taken from the upper hopper. Regarding the Easy3DP-M450, it should be noted that it is a 3D printer that accepts STL and 3MF file formats and requires a print speed of 7 to 25 seconds per applied layer. As for the layer height, it can be set between 0.04 and 0.2 mm. For the print head, you will find a piezoelectric head that can be adapted and has a length of over 50 mm and a resolution of 600 DPI. In addition, it has an automatic cleaning function, which means that it does not clog easily.