The DT60 3D printer by Spanish manufacturer Dynamical 3D is an innovative, versatile, and powerful professional machine that marks a breakthrough in FDM professional technology. In addition to being compatible with a wide range of plastic materials, it has a number of features that will streamline the concept of production processes.

Features of the 3D printer

This machine has an LCD touch screen and a print volume of 600 x 450 x 450 mm, making it an ideal solution for all manufacturers who want to improve their productivity. It incorporates new features such as liquid cooling of the extruders and printing plate suction. Its closed enclosure can heat up to 120°C and its advanced extruder can reach a temperature of up to 500°C.

DT60, a machine designed for industry

The DT60 has several 3D printing modes thanks to its double extrusion system: SINGLE, DUAL, TWIN, REFLEX. The machine can print two parts in parallel or two materials at the same time, in addition to being compatible with soluble plastics such as HIPS, among others. Its integrated camera, end-of-filament detection system, remote monitoring, and automatic material changeover make the 3D printing process easier for all users.