The DMP60 series from German 3D printing manufacturer 3D MicroPrint GmbH includes a total of three different models: the DMP60, DMP63 and DMP64. The significant differences between the individual machines are primarily in the resolution; while the DMP60 and DMP63 have a 30 micron resolution, that of the DMP64 3D printer is 15 microns. In terms of build volume, the DMP60 has a cylinder build volume, while the other two models have a square build volume.

However, all three machines in the DMP60 series have one thing in common: they have a purified gas atmosphere. Also, all machines use Micro Laser Sintering as a technology, which combines additive manufacturing and micro machining. Specifically, this means that metal parts are produced on a micro level. This can be attributed to the laser beam used in the process, the special micro powder and extremely thin layers. This technology is also used by 3D MicroPrint’s DMP70 series 3D printers.

More Features of the DMP60 Series 3D Printers

In this series of 3D printers, which were introduced to the additive manufacturing market in 2020, all the machines can be categorized as industrial. The 3D printers use metal as a material for micro 3D printing. With a look at its material data sheet, the corresponding application areas of the DMP60 series can also be identified: in this context, these machines are used in the automotive industry, chemical industry, jewelry and watches, aerospace technology and finally also within medical technology.

As a user, you should be aware that with regard to finishing, good weldability is possible here, as well as polishing and other conventional finishing operations. In addition, thanks to the zero-point clamping system, simple post-processing can be ensured, which also works with the highest accuracy oriented to the industry standard. In the development of this machine, the 3D MicroPrint team not only considered the requirements of industry, but also those of universities, resulting in an improved system. Overall, the manufacturer states that the DMP60 series increases user productivity.