3D Systems, the American manufacturer of 3D printing solutions, was founded in 1986 by Chuck Hull. Since then, the company has developed a broad range of 3D printers, materials and 3D printing services and software. In 2019, the DMP Flex 350 expanded 3D Systems’ offerings. The DMP Flex 350 is a flexible metal printer. It prints parts with a maximum size of 275 x 275 x 380 mm. It is equipped with a vacuum chamber, which greatly reduces the argon gas consumption and at the same time achieves the highest oxygen purity (<25 ppm). This allows parts with a high density and good mechanical properties to be printed. This leads to a high part quality that is repeatable.


The DMP Monitoring allows the printing process to be monitored in real time, which also has a positive effect on part quality. Thus, the printer is used in application development, research and development and production applications.


Unlike the DMP Factory 350, the DMP Flex 350 does not have an integrated powder management system. However, it is possible to convert the DMP Flex 350 to a DMP Factory 350 with integrated powder management at any time.