The Dagoma Disco Ultimate is the latest 3D printer from the French manufacturer Dagoma, unveiled in November 2018. This is an improved version of the DiscoEasy200, a 3D model very popular with the Makers community, marketed more than 20,000 copies in the world.

The Disco Ultimate 3D printer offers a print volume of 200x200x200 mm and can print from PLA filaments with a minimum thickness of 100 microns. It incorporates a system of insertion and ejection of the automatic filament and end of filament detection. Compared to its big sister, she wants to be more robust, faster and integrates a new electronic card for quiet operation. 

The Dagoma Disco Ultimate 3D Printer to Combine Colors 

With the Disco Ultimate, the biggest novelty comes from the ability to print in two colours with the Bi-colour addon including a second extruder. A control screen is also available as an option. Finally, the manufacturer offers 21 days of step-by-step support to train for Disco Ultimate and more generally for 3D printing. This 3D printer is designed and manufactured in France.