The da Vinci mini w+ is an entry-level desktop 3D printer designed for the home from the manufacturer XYZPrinting. You can connect it to your home’s wifi network. You can print household items or toys with your children from anywhere in your wireless network. 

da Vinci mini w+, making 3D printing easy

The da Vinci mini w+ printer is lightweight and transportable, it weighs less than 2.2 Kg (18 lb). For its small size, the print volume has been maximised as the printer comes with a 150 x 150 x 150 mm (5.9 ” x 5.9 ” x 5.9 ”) print bed. It is an FDM machine that can print PLA material. It is only compatible with XYZPrinting’s own materials. The printer also comes with automatic bed levelling. 

Managing prints is also automatic, it comes with a LED system to inform the user of the different steps (printing paused, idle mode, stopped, etc.).  The layer resolution is 300-400 microns and the printing speed is 120 mm/s.  Finally, the printer generally retails for $229.95, but this varies depending on each country.