With the CubePro, we pass to the superior range, called “prosumer” (on the border between domestic and professional use). Like its big sister the CubeX, the CubePro is offered in three versions: single, dual or triple extruder to multiply by the 3 colors or ABS, PLA or PVA materials that can be used. Its print volume remains the same as its predecessor: 27.5 x 26.5 x 24 cm for a weight of between 36 and 38.5 kg. The minimum layer thickness was close to 75 microns for precision on the X and Y axes of about 0.2 mm. The print speed goes up to 15 mm/second.

The printer comes with Cube software that is compatible with Windows and Mac as well as a license for Cubify Invent modeling software. It connects via WiFi or USB. Finally, the design of the CubePro was refined more, while a protective glass was added for the best results and more security.