The Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D printer is another computer from the famous Chinese manufacturer that is proving to be extremely popular among users thanks to a number of features. For example, the stable and square design realizes printing results of very high quality. Additionally, the printer has many features which simplify use for beginners who want to take a first step into the world of 3D printing. This includes intuitive control via touchscreen and the renewed flexible printing plate (flexplate) which ensures that finished print objects can be easily removed. Moreover, even after a power failure, it is possible to continue the printing process without any problems. The printer is a simple kit, the assembly of which can be found in the enclosed instructions or in the assembly video from Creality3D.

Features of the Creality3D Ender 5 Pro

The device comes with a closed power supply that does not interfere with the setup of the printer. The print bed of the Creality3D Ender 5 Pro is very easy to level (calibrate) thanks to the large wheel screws. It is also possible to easily remove the movable and magnetic print platform, making it quick and easy to remove prints. Creality3D uses an original PTFE Bowden tube from the manufacturer Capricorn for the material guide, as well as a revised motherboard. The printing process is reliable, quiet and provides accurate results, which is ensured by the new stepper motor driver. The build envelope covers a size of 220 x 220 x 300 mm and therefore offers many options.